How can you pay me to move?

It’s simple – apartments pay us to find them new tenants. When you use this site to find an apartment and put us down as who referred you, we’re able to cut you a check as our way of saying thanks.

How much will my rebate be?

Rent Rebate
$799/month And Under

$75 Rebate

$800/month – $1200/month

$125 Rebate

$1200/month – $1500/month

$200 Rebate

$1500/month – $2000/month

$250 Rebate

Over $2000/month

$300 Rebate


What do I need to do to claim my rebate?

It’s really simple, and takes almost no time at all. Just be sure you follow these three easy steps:

1.) Use this site to find your next apartment. Click the “Apartment Search” button below to get started.

2.) Once you have found the right place for you, put us down on the application as your referral source, since we’re how you found out about the vacancy. Remember, you must put down the correct referral in order to claim your rebate. Here’s how it should look on your application:

If it is not written exactly as shown, the apartments may not honor the referral, so please be precise.

3.) This step is very important! Once you have been approved for your new apartment, you must come back to this site and Claim Your Rebate by clicking on the link up top and filling out the form.  This lets us know where you have moved, so that we can invoice the apartments and get you your check in 2 to 8 weeks. As soon as the apartment pays us, we’ll send your check out within 24 hours.

Remember, unless the registration form is filled out completely, including a working contact number, we may not be able to invoice your move, which means we won’t be able to send a check.  It’s really important to have all the info filled out – feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

4.) Tell all your friends about the easy and hassle-free way you found to get a new apartment and bask in their adulation and respect.

Why don’t I see [insert apartment] on the search?

Because they don’t have any apartments available right now. While our database contains 99% of the apartment complexes in town, not every apartment is shown on a search. We check availability regularly, and your search results should only show you apartments that are available for your move-in date. This helps you save time, and keeps property managers from being flooded with phone calls when they are fully occupied.

Also, if you are looking for UT area properties, keep in mind that around 90% of their turnover is in May, August, and December. If you are looking at other times of the year, your selections will be extremely limited. There are always apartments available on the UT shuttle, however. If you need advice about this, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Have you been turned down for an apartment, and have a criminal history, credit issues, or an eviction or broken lease?

If you have background issues and have been turned down for an apartment, or are worried you might be turned down, we can probably still help you. Keep in mind that the selection of apartments available to you will be very limited, but you do still have options. Because this is a more complex leasing situation, it is important that you contact us for a personal consultation. Don’t waste your money on application fees when one quick consultation call can save you time and money. Click here for our contact form:

Contact Us

I’m not sure where I want to move – can you help guide me?

Definitely.  Different people need different things when they’re looking for a new apartment.  This site is for folks who already have a pretty good idea about what they want.  If you’re new to town, or would just like a more personal approach, just fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page, and we will have an agent call you asap for a personal consultation.  If you do not have a car, or just want to save your gas, we’re also happy to take you around to view the properties in person.

Ready to go?

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